Company history

Most significant milestones of the Medusa Group since its foundation




Founding of the company when the restaurant MEDUSA was opened under the Michael’s Gate in the historical center of Bratislava. Medusa offered a completely new approach to gastronomy and nightlife and thanks to this it quickly became a legend of entertainment in Bratislava.


A successful year was concluded by the introduction of self-service restaurant chains PRESTO, A LA CARTE and SIT &EAT that allowed the company to change the attitudes and especially the quality of today’s business dining in Bratislava




Following in 2005 was the opening of another legendary concept, the first PRIMI under the Michael’s Gate. To this day, Primi is known for its pleasant atmosphere on both floors, a beautiful garden with winter service and an excellent visit rate.





An exceptional moment in the history of the company was defined by the opening of RIO GRANDE RESTAURANT, NIGHT BAR AND CAFÉ on Hviezdoslavovo square, which quickly became the most visited restaurant in the center of Bratislava. Rio was an ambitious concept offering a fusion of an original restaurant, nightclub and café all in one place.





An exceptional and record-breaking year in the company’s history. Medusa Group opened and successfully introduced five new restaurants on the market.  PRESTO concept was spreaded into 2 new operations.


A restaurant decorated with a timeless, cozy interior and an open-space kitchen typical for most of Medusa Group restaurants.


An exclusive nightclub, trendy cocktails and bubbles in a glass accompanied by live DJs.


A cozy French bistro with a wide selection of sandwiches, salads and delicious French crepes offered in sweet and savory variations.


Located on the banks of the Danube in the Eurovea shopping center. A seaside feel, a lounge packed with positive energy and a tasty Mediterranean cuisine. One of the most successful Medusa Group businesses.


Fresh homemade pasta, healthy meals and the best quality Lavazza coffee. New York loft-inspired interior design, children’s pizza counter and, of course, an open kitchen.


PRESTO concept was adapted into 2 new operations, that expanded the daily business gastronomy and offered new
and rich menus.





The biggest rock establishment in the center of Bratislava promoting rock as a lifestyle. Atmospheric rock decorations, the biggest and best hamburgers, a wide selection of hot dogs, steaks and ribs, and the biggest and hottest burrito in town.


A traditional Slovak pub with fresh tank beer and an almost 10-year-old tradition.




The biggest company acquisition to date. Medusa Group completely took over all gastronomic activities in the Erdődy palace on Ventúrska 1 in the center of Bratislava. Thanks to this acquisition, Medusa Group expanded its portfolio by four more brands and operations.


A music club that has been operating in the basement of the Erdödy palace since 2006. A star on the Bratislava party scene. The trendy interior includes a functional electric switch room.


A romantic palace courtyard dating from the 18th century, Mediterranean cuisine, glass ceiling. One of the best restaurants in Slovakia.


A café underneath the popular disco club. Stylish cocktails, tasty snacks.




In 2012, Medusa Group entered a foreign market for the first time with the opening of an operation in the very heart of Vienna close to the opera house, the MEDUSA RESTAURANT & CLUB. A restaurant, lounge, nightclub and a beautiful summer terrace, three exceptional floors that offer time pleasantly spent in style. A fusion of Mediterranean and international cuisines, fantastic drinks, delicious, quality coffee, live DJs, unique atmosphere.




After a reconstruction, Medusa Group is opening its second operation in the popular shopping center on the bank of the Danube. A new and unique concept focused on freshness, energy of the southern markets, colors and friendly atmosphere.


In 2013, MEDUSA GROUP won a big tender, signed a major contract with the leading automotive company, VOLKSWAGEN SLOVAKIA and became the only exclusive supplier of catering services, both for Bratislava and Martin. Our services cover 11 canteen operations and 1 VIP operation in the factories in Bratislava and Martin.






In January 2014, the company entered  the Czech market. In the very center of the capital city of Prague, in the latest and most advanced center Florentinum, we opened a lovely modern canteen from a known network PRESTO.





MEDUSA GROUP has opened Centrálna Klubovňa on March 13th 2014. It is the first venue from Slovak beer pub chain. Klubovňa is a place for friends, locals from the suburb. It is a place which serves great beer and has a great atmosphere. 


MEDUSA GROUP has opened a second Klubovňa on 15th July 2014. Ventúrska Klubovňa is located in the historical premises of Erdödy Palace in downtown Bratislava.


MEDUSA GROUP has on October 21st 2014 opened Bystrická Klubovňa. It is a third beer pub from the Slovak chain and is located in the historical building of Barbakan. Good beer, great food and an amazing atmosphere cannot be missing in Bystrická Klubovňa.





Second Kubu restaurant, this time located in the shopping center Bory Mall, follows with its menu the success of the first Kubu restaurant and offers great homemade pasta, various salads and also pizza, steaks, fish and fitness meals. The interior of the restaurant is inspired by New York loft and by industrial atmosphere. 


Café and bistro Mlska is the second operation of Medusa Group in the shopping center Bory Mall. Mlska is a modern bistro inspired by French cuisine. The menu offers traditional sweet & savory French crepes, tasty salads, quiche, sandwiches, baguettes, ciabattas and healthier options of sweet treats such as chia or quinoa pudding. 






Medusa Group has opned Ružinovská Klubovňa on April 21st. It is a forth beer pub from the Slovak chain and a third one which is located in Bratislava. Table football, darts and large LCD screens on which you can watch your favorite sport matches can't be missing.


The original Slang Pub had undergone a huge refurbishment and besided the interior has also gotten a new name. The new Slang has opened in May 2015 and offers great pub food and changing seasonal beer offer with not only world famous brands but also draught and bottled beer specials from micro-breweries.  Slang is an ideal place for casual meetings with your friends over great beer, food and music.


A second self-service restaurant Presto was opened in business center Chodov in Prague in May 2015. Presto offers fast and tasty meals for all the visitors. This modern canteen offers besides lunches also interesting selection of breakfast, sweets and salads.



New Primi restaurant has opened in June 2015. It is a forth venue from the Primi chain. First three ones are located in Bratislava, this one is in Košice. It is a first venue from Medusa Group in eastern Slovakia. Primi offers great Mediterranean cuisine, carefully selected wines, modern cocktails, laid back atmosphere, beautiful interior and great music.


We have opened fifth Slovak Klubovňa, located on Starohájska Street in Petržalka in July 2015. Petržalská is already a fourth pub from the chain in Bratislava. It features more then 500 seats and has got the largest summer terrace from all the other Klubovňa pubs. It also includes a stage for music bands and a playground for kids. Table football, darts and large LCD screens on which you can watch your favorite sport matches can't be missing.


We opened Barrock in Prague in September 2015, four years after opening the first Barrock in Bratislava. The best rock music of all times, DJs, live rock concerts, burgers, ribs, burritos and, of course, beer, shots and cocktails. All this is BARROCK!


We have opened sixth Slovak Klubovňa, located on Jurigovo námestie in Karlová Ves. Karloveská is already a fifth pub from the chain in Bratislava. Karloveská Klubovňa has a capacity is more than 350 seats inside and another 180 seats can be found on the outdoor terrace. The interior is full of old historical photos from different parts of Karlová Ves like Karloveské rameno, college buildings and the building of Slovak national TV.


New Primi restaurant has opened in October 2015. It is a fifth venue from the Primi chain. It is a first Primi located outside of Slovakia. The new Primi can be found in the very heart of Vienna on Neuer Markt, close to the opera house. Primi represents all that you love - great Mediterranean cuisine, exceptional wines and amazing atmosphere.


Third Kubu restaurant, this time located in the premisses of a previous A la carte restaurant in the business center BBC 5. This Kubu follows with its menu the success of the first Kubu restaurant and offers great homemade pasta, pizza, risotto and various salads and grilled specialities. 


Mlska had moved from the original premises in Bory Mall to Aupark Shopping Center in November 2015. Mlska is a modern bistro suitable for families with kids. The menu offers salads, pasta, risottos and also burgers and other yummy streetfood. We prepare delicious crepes, also gluten-free. You will also love our fresh raw cakes and real healthy smoothies made with superfoods. Kids will enjoy the amazing kids’ corner and special food & drink menu. A little shop with food & deco products is also a part of the venue.


Mercado has moved from Eurovea to a new space in Aupark Shopping Center in November 2015. Mercado represents health and freshness. It offers an interesting and unconventional fusion of healthy meals made from organic and local ingredients. Well known and respected expert in healthy eating Silvia Horecká participated in the menu creation. Therefor it is full of truly healthy and nutritionally valuable modern food. The drink menu offers traditional lemonades from home-made organic syrups, fresh juices and also wines from small alternative Slovak wineries.


Medusa Group has brought the popluar concept of wagamama to Slovakia and opened the first restaurant in December 2015. It is located in the Eurovea shipping center in Bratislava. The wagamama concept is the same worldwide and is inspired by the Japanese concept of “kaizen”. Freshness, playfulness, freedom and delicious food that gets to your table as soon as it’s ready. The menu is inspired by Japanese and Pan-Asian cuisine. 






We opened a brand new Italian trattoria and pizza restaurant in April 2016. It is located in the historical city center of Bratislava on Hviezdoslavovo square. In addition to typical Italian antipasti, you can enjoy fresh home-made pasta which is always prepared with love. The meat is grilled directly on wood charcoal, which leaves a distinctive taste and aroma in the meat. Pizza, so typical for Italy, is baked in a wood-fired oven. Both pizza and pasta can be prepared in gluten-free version at La Pala. The offer cannot be missing Italian dolci like panna cotta, tiramisu or semifreddo.


Medusa Group opened Klub 39 in September 2016. Klub 39 is situated in Mlynská dolina and is has been a legend on Bratislava’s club scene for many years. It offers its customers cozy atmosphere and great parties until the early morning. Besides good music and live DJs, you can watch live sport matched and play table tennis in the club. Proper beer from tank is not missing. Klub 39 is a second home, not only to students.




We opened Košická Klubovňa in May 2017. It is the 7th pub from the Klubovňa chain, located on Hlavná Street in Košice. It is the second venue from Medusa Group in Košice. Košická Klubovňa has 140 seats indoors and additional 50 outdoors. The interior includes many photographs capturing history of the city as well as table soccer and tv screens for steaming of sport matches.



wagamama Parndorf

In February 2018, after two years of operation in Slovakia, we decided to bring one of the wagamama restaurants to nearby Parndorf - a popular shopping center not only for the Slovaks. So we are inviting you to newly opened venue a few minutes from Bratislava. Austria became the 24th country to open its wagamama venues. At the area of almost 320 square meters we offer seating for 144 guests. During summer and hot days, we are also offering an outdoor terrace where we can set up another 126 hungry guests.


Epic is Prague’s most modern multi-genre music club with focus on electronic dance music which we opened in March of 2018. You’ll find us at Revoluční 3, just a short distance from Dlouhá street. Twenty-five hundred square metres are spread over 3 underground floors, with 2 floors for guests and one for technical equipment. Smaller parties are held in the separate lounge with its own bar and DJ booth. In the large main room the biggest DJs always rock the house and guests can get their drink on at any of the 4 bars. Those with no fear of heights can view the main stage from the gallery upstairs, where the VIP zone is located. As expected, there is a separate VIP entrance. A world-class L-Acoustics K2 sound system, over 100 square metres of P3,9 LED screens, and state-of-the-art lighting all provide an incomparable acoustic and visual experience.



Medusa Group opened Klub 39 again in October 2018. Klub 39 is situated in Mlynská dolina and is has been a legend on Bratislava’s club scene for many years. It offers its customers cozy atmosphere and great parties until the early morning. Besides good music and live DJs, you can watch live sport matched and play table tennis in the club. Proper beer from tank is not missing. Klub 39 is a second home, not only to students.





In February 2019 after several months of intensive work with renovation and products detailing we have expanded our portfolio with another venue in Bratislava. We opened our first bakery and patisserie called Crustino You can find sourdough products from our craft bakery, traditional cakes and memorable desserts, full-fledged lunches and also Italian coffee with you. During the working week, it is also open to all our customers, who want to buy a daily fresh sourdough pastry and bread for home, or a light fresh lunch to work. As part of our daily breakfast and lunch offer, you can also find fresh bread edges with homemade spreads, filled wraps, salads, filling soups or sandwiches.